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This cross between a newsletter builder and a Facebook hop will gain you subscribers via the mega giveaway running April 2-24, PLUS Facebook likes and social media follows during the hop, which runs from April 21-24.

Just like other list builder promos, the grand prizes for the mega giveaway are gift cards. The twist is that during the hop part of the event, every author must offer a gift card as a prize on their FB page (minimum $5), hence the title Mega Gift Card Facebook Hop. The number of authors participating determines the number of gift cards available for readers to win—plus the grand prize gift cards, of course—so if there are 60 authors signed up by the deadline would mean 60+ chances to win! (UPDATE: We have 79 authors signed up.)

What you get by participating: Entries to the grand prize giveaway are earned by people signing up for your newsletter from April 2-24. During the hop portion of this promo, visitors will need to Like your FB page, comment below your post, and follow you on your choice of one social media (i.e Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, etc.), to have a chance at winning the gift card you offer as an individual prize.

Two different methods will be used for newsletter sign ups. All entrants to the giveaway will be added to a bulk email list authors will receive after the giveaway closes, while bonus entries will ask readers to sign up for your individual newsletter directly by linking them to your personal sign up web page, where they must go through your process for joining your newsletter in order to earn an entry. If you have double opt-in, they’ll have to complete your double opt-in. Deciding which method you want to use is entirely under your control (more discussion about the pros and cons of each method here).

Cost: $25, which includes your contribution to grand prize gift cards and FB ads. You must also commit to offering a minimum $5 gift card prize on your FB page during the hop, paid for by you. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, iTunes…what type you decide to offer, and how much, is up to you and your budget. Participation in the hop is mandatory. You can’t do one promo without the other.

Why gift cards? Can’t my prize be a book?

Do feel free to offer books as secondary prizes during the hop, and any other fun prizes readers love, candy, swag, prize packs, jewelry, etc., but you must offer a gift card as a prize. Not only is this what makes this event different from other hops, there’s a rationale for not making books the primary prizes. Free books are everywhere. The market is saturated with them, so it’s difficult to stand out by offering a book as a prize someone has to “work” to win by performing a list of tasks.

How the event works

Once you sign up using the google form below, you will be invoiced for the $25. Payment is due by March 28, or else you will not be included in either event.

A few days before the giveaway begins April 2, you will receive a packet via email that includes all the premade posts, tweets, and graphics you’ll need for both the giveaway and the hop. Share the giveaway set on social media and in your newsletters starting April 2. Post and share the hop set at the time of the hop. To make it easy on yourself, schedule your hop post ahead of time using Hootsuite, or a similar social media scheduler, so that it goes up on FB promptly at 12 pm EST on April 21.

A master list of all participants will be posted on this site, and each individual author’s FB post will include a link to the next author in the chain, as well as a link back to the grand prize giveaway. Facebook ads are planned to further promote the event.

After 12 pm EST on April 24, pick a random winner from the qualifying entries on your FB page and award your prize(s). Grand prize winners will be picked at random on April 25 and notified via email.