Join the Hop!

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APRIL 21 at 12 pm EST – 
April 24 at 12 pm EST

We’re Putting on a Facebook Hop. This isn’t just any old hop, either. It’s a Mega Gift Card Hop! Every one of the 77 authors participating has a gift card up for grabs on their Facebook page, ranging in value from $5 to $50. That’s 77 giveaways, with 77 chances for you to win! (Scroll down for the links to each stop on the hop.)

Plus, if you enter the giveaways on every FB page, you’ll be eligible to enter our special bonus giveaway for the winner’s choice of an Amazon Echo Dot or Kindle Fire.**

So get hoppin’ by clicking on the first link in the list below. If you ever get lost in the maze that is FB, you can always come back to this list, scroll to see where you left off, and start again.

PS. Have you entered our Grand Prize Giveaway? There’s $1250 in prizes!

Constance Phillips
Debbie White*
Tamara Lush
Nancy Segovia
Helen Smith
Alyson Hale*
Shirley Hailstock*
Trish McCallan*
Author Dena Garson*
Ava Bradley*
Tamara Ferguson*
Lynda Haviland*
Eva Chase*
Ashlee Price – Author
Allyson R Abbott*
Phoebe Rose*
Author Ysa Arcangel
Tee Garner*
Author Jennifer Allis Provost
Rachel Woods
Amelia James – Author
Jacqueline Diamond – Author*
Dragon’s Geas*
Marsha A. Moore – Author*
Siera London Books*
Emily Leigh*
Jenna Barwin – Author*
Tara Lain*
Christa Paige*
Cynthia A Clement Author*
Marie Booth Books*
Author Hope Welsh*
Marie Johnston – Writer
Anne Renwick*
Author Brea Viragh*
Gayle Parness Author*
Stella Marie Alden*
Aubrey Wynne
JD Monroe*
Sharon Kay*
Elizabeth Rose – Author*
Author H. D. Thomson*
Author Caitlyn Blue*
Margo Bond Collins
Bokerah Brumley*
Felicia Beasley – Author*
Author Amy L Gale*
Olivia Wildenstein*
Tracie E Christian*
Patricia M Jackson’s Page*
Kristy Tate – Novelist*
Astrid Arditi – Author*
Lisa Mondello*
Cassie Alexander – Author*
Lori L. Robinett – Author*
Amanda Uhl – Author*
Melissa Belle*
Josie Riviera
Author Layla
Author Bree Dahlia*
Cherie Claire*
Barbara Barrett*
Ami’s Bookpage
Lizbeth Selvig – Author*
Amy Brent*
Cailin Briste*
Author Mia Ford*
Bambi Lynn*
Roxanne Snopek – Author*
Author Stacy Gold*
Alex Gordon Books*
Kristine Smith Books*
Greta Boris Author*
Oliver Chase
Allison Gatta*
Aileen Harkwood*

*indicates author is offering a $10 or higher value gift card.

**Please note: one of the 77 authors has dropped out after being unable to post her hop post to Facebook. As long as you enter the giveaway at every page where an author has posted, you are eligible to enter the Bonus Giveaway.